Sweet dreams with Msinsi!

Excitement ran high when we drew the winners of our National Water Week competition on 10 April. The six lucky winners of a two-night stay at Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve or at Nagle Dam and Game Reservein two-sleeper accommodation are:

  • Musa Ndlovu
  • Paul Vorbeck
  • Kavitham Perumal
  • Louise Grobbelaar
  • Nicholas Vincent
  • Brian du Toit

“We’re delighted to be able to treat some of our Msinsi fans to mark National Water Week in this special way,” says Ray Naguran, acting managing director for Msinsi Resorts and Game Reserves.

-Conserving water habitats is absolutely core to Msinsi’s work for our parent company, Umgeni Water, which this year celebrates its 40th anniversary of delivering safe and refreshing drinking water to 6.1 million customers. And the theme for this year’s National Water Day is Water is Life.

“This is a vital focus for all of us as South Africans because we live in a semi-arid country and must do everything we can to protect this scarce national resource. SA’s rainfall is half the world’s average – and only 9% of that is converted into runoff into our rivers, the world”s lowest conversion of rainfall to runoff.”

National Water Week ran from 18 to 23 March 2014.

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