Celebrate grading with us

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve so far achieved three-star grading at three of our Msinsi accommodation offerings!
All accommodation at Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve and at Bon Accord Resort, along with Nagle Dam’s safari-style tented accommodation, received this affirmation from the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa in April.

Especially proud of this achievement is Sandile Mkhize, Reserve Manager at Albert Falls Game Reserve and Bon Accorde Resort. At the time, he was acting manager for Nagle Dam as well.

“We’re really grateful to assessor Helen Bruigom of the Tourism Grading Council for helping steer us through the process and giving valuable advice,” says Sandile.

“Supervisors, Msinsi staff and I have all worked hard for a long time to make this exciting moment happen. We’re very pleased to be supporting national tourism policy in moving towards grading our establishments. We appreciate how important it is for our guests to know they can rely on the quality assurance of the grading standards.”

Watch this space and Msinsi’s social media postings for more details of how we plan to share the celebrations with our guests in June.

“We’re looking forward to showing off the refurbished establishments, especially at Albert Falls Dam and Game Reserve, and sincerely thank all our guests for their patience during this process,” says Sandile.

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Signage Tender

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“ Please note we experiencing technical problems with our booking system, booking must be made via emails: Inanda.bookings@msinsi.co.za, nagle.bookings@msinsi.co.za,bon.accorde@msinsi.co.za, hazelmere@msinsi.co.za and albert.falls@msinsi.co.za or you can call : Albert Falls-033 569 1202/3 | 0795280748/9 Bon Accorde: 033 569 1643, Hazelmere Dam: 032 533 2315/082 728 0920, Inanda Dam : 031 766 9946/0825515696, Nagle Dam: 031 782 8085/86,079 500 3189. Our team is working on fixing the problem. “